January 2015

I've been rethinking social media and sharing photos of my family with my parents, my siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, my friends and so on. I've thought about facebook and how it will almost be a biography of one's life for themselves and their kids and who their parents were, what they did and the stories of them. What an amazing resource but I've decided that mine will mostly be through this platform without ads and distractions and will solely be about my family, maybe even my thoughts as part of me and the growth of my kids and my family.

As I post pictures I'm going to do little write ups as I remember because things fade so quickly with just a few little ones, full times jobs, sports, cleaning...Hopefully I'll be more on top of it as I get current. I'm going to start now with January 2015 as the beginning...

This was actually taken December 31 2014 at a New Years party at our friend's house on Shawnigan Lake. Everyone was in the backyard with coats freezing while trying to light their Japanese lanterns. Noah - Jacob - Joshua

My little girl Alison. You're a tough little girl babe and you held your own with the boys. We did a team photo of your team before a practice at I.C.E during your first year of hockey with the Juan De Fuca Grizzlies. I can't wait to coach you next year.

Long winter nights and pillow fights. Alison and Josh. I truly hope that the friendships you are building with each other now don't ever slow down and that you continue doing this when you are teenagers. You are a couple of nuts that compliment each other so well.

Joshua. Jumping in to bed. This photo makes me think about how small you are and how big you are going to be. My little boy, for a while.

2015 January 20 Family_7669.jpg

Josh. Your room January 2015. I love this. Your Star Wars, Dinosaurs and figurines at the foot of your bed and a bed full of stuffies. Crossing the thresh-hold of little boy to not so little

Sometimes I need some me time. The weekends are full of hockey and chores and the week is full of work...and chores. I was having a bit of a hard time wishing that I had more time to go out surfing and get in to the waves. I played hookey from work and went to Esquimalt Lagoon where it was actually quite warm and listened to some music, of the waves.

This was January