My Daughter chooses A Hawaiian

So, we went to a hula show tonight where a 5-year-old Hawaiian dancer stole the show and my daughter's heart. On the drive back to the condo, this was just some of the conversation...
Ali: Mom, I'm going to marry that boy that was dancing.
Me: Oh, really?
Ali: Yep. And I'm going to live in Hawaii (pronounced ha-WHY).
Shane: Why do you want to marry him?
Ali: Because he's funny and a good dancer.
Me: But he really likes getting his picture taken and you don't.
Shane: Yeah. How will that work?
Ali: I'll be in them anyway.
Me: What if he wants you to dance in front of people with him?
Ali: Then I'll do it.
Shane: I'll miss you if you move to Hawaii.
Ali: Yep. I'll miss you, too.
Me: What will your kids look like?
Ali: I don't know, but I'll have 2. Or 3 or 4. Or just 1.
Me: Will you wear a coconut bra for your wedding?
Ali: No. I don't know where you get those things. I'll wear a pink and purple and white dress.
Me: What if he wants to wear his hula outfit to the wedding?
Ali: Then he can. And you guys can stay in the hotel. And we'll all live in the hotel.
Me: What will you do for work?
Ali: I'll cook.
Shane: What will he do for work?
Ali: Show people his muscles (giggle) and teach people to dance. Actually he'll be in charge of the store where you buy things and I'll get the bacon.
Me: What do you mean?
Ali: You know when he go to the grocery store and we give someone our money?
Me: So he's going to work in a grocery store?
Ali: Yep.
Shane: So, you'll bring home the bacon?
Ali: No. I'll just make the bacon. Remember when he did this? (flexes muscles)
Me: Was he doing that for you?
Ali: Yep. But he's not very strong yet.
Shane: Don't get married too soon, okay?
Ali: (fake sleeps)