Heather & Chris Part 2

Heather & Chris.

If you know these two you are lucky. Mandy and I witnessed it first hand by knowing them and understanding how kind, sincere, SILLY, and loving they are. Their wedding day with a huge group of family and friends was a testament to this.

Their wedding day was full of all sort of surprises.

There were laughs, there were tears, there was sunshine, and there was a lot of rain. There were stories of mullets and stories of love…for mullets. There were also Towers and Trees. But the constant was the joy of this day.

I’m hoping that these images pull you all the way to the end of their day. It’s a long long story in pictures but looking at them now, even almost 5 months later, I’m still loving looking at them and reliving this day.

I think the pictures will do the rest.

Venue - Bird’s Eye Cove Farm - It’s kind of magical.