Darshan & Alex on Cortes Island

"Cause she's a cat lying in the sun

And I'm a dog with a lolling tongue

That's all I got to say for myself" - Alex Hornby

This was the most epic wedding I've photographed for many many reasons and the photos below are going to tell the story of community and love on Cortes Island. Darshan & Alex are wildly fantastic photographers so when Darshan asked me and my insanely talented friend Christina Craft to team up I really couldn't believe it and said yes without hesitation. I thought "Cortes Island, sounds great." Fast forward many months later and I found myself in a car with my wife and two kids traveling from Victoria -> Campbell River -> Ferry to Quadra Island -> Ferry to Cortes. It IS quite a trek. And so worth it.

Landing on Cortes Island is different. The ferries getting there are small. The islands in the distance look uninhabited. There are windy roads, beautiful beaches and a lot of trees. Places close early.  It reminds me faintly of Saltspring when I was way young. It's peaceful.

This wedding was not just about Darshan and Alex uniting but about having their friends and family truly partaking in the day. The setup of the venue was manned by an army of Darshan and Alex's friends and fam who put in every consideration. From the games set up, to the snacks, and even pillows and blankets for people to lounge on later in the night. My sad description doesn't do it justice and I suppose that is why I take the photos and don't talk much.

This wedding blog post has a lot of images. I don't see the need to limit myself when such epicness occurs so please let it load. It's worth it. Congrats Darshan & Alex. Thank you for having us join you.

Below you will find joy and dancing and singing. It was a Perfect World.


"Well, I could fall flat headlong facedown in a perfect world

A perfect world and a perfect mess when I'm lying with my girl...

Seen those dark nights and red lights enough to make my shoulders curl

So many prayers that fell flat...ah, but it's a perfect world...

Honey when I met you

Silver rings upon your toes

Maybe miss the signs sometimes, but some things I just know...

Havin' a gob-smack love attack. Lord ain't she the perfect girl!

I got wild thoughts of tyin' knots. Maybe even wanna give it a whirl..."

"Though the years might being us holy heck

And our bodies get all old and wrecked...

While, I ain't afraid to claim my dream

Darshi will you marry me?

That's all I got to say for myself."

Darshan and Alex you are the sweetest people I've ever met and I can't express how refreshing it was to photograph such a peaceful, relaxed and loving wedding. I hope that these photos are enjoyed until you are both old and wrecked.

This my best buddy and son Joshy who also shot with us that day. Man I love this little guy. He's for hire too so if you contact me mention Joshua aka Danger aka Smoshy and we can make it happen.