Mark & Xan at Starling Lane

Whoa. So, I've been on a blog hiatus. It has been a long time since I've really posted much and I'm getting excited to post a few weddings from last year. It's going to be an amazing wedding season and the couples i have so far are absolutely incredible. Seriously can't wait to get shooting. 

This wedding from last year was a blast. Mark and Xan are some of the most smiley, laughy, smarty and funny people I've hung out with. Seeing all of my terrible grammar and spelling is probably going to drive them crazy but that's ok, they loved the photos and that's what I'm there for.

Their engagement was amazing so I knew the wedding would be incredible from their friends to their family and I wasn't disappointed. I had a great time that day and the memories of it still feel strong. That's a good sign when you've shot a LOT of weddings.

Their wedding ceremony was held at Starling Lane Winery in West Saanich before heading downtown for a pint and then on to the most casual and fun receptions I've been to. I'm a pretty low key guy and the reception at the Hotel Grand Pacific was basically a sit where you want, have some amazing food from one or all of the stations, grab a beer and enjoy mingling. I loved it.


Anyways, here are some of my photos from the day!