My 2015 Experience

The Bands I saw |

Mother Mother | Kiesza | Big Data | Jesse Roper | Spaceboots | The Walkervilles | Neon Indian | The Zolas | Tokyo Police Club | Busty and the Bass | Joey Bada$$ | Plants and Animals | Brave Shores | Young Empires | Julian Casablancas & The Voids | Yes We Mystic | The Treble | Sticky Fingers | Isabelle Longnus | Towers and Trees | Pigeon Hole | The Underachievers | Doomtree | Evil Ebenezer | Kytami | Five Alarm Funk |

Rifflandia. Every year I'm surprised.

These photos are of my Rifflandia 2015 journey. It involved a lot of photography, a lot of friends, and very little sleep.

Riff-Fever | Riff-Exhaustion | Riff-drawal

Night One

The Mint | Anián

Yes We Mystic | Winnipeg | I chatted with them before the show and it was such a great start to my night. They were a fantastically kind group of people. Loved their set. Awesome to meet you Adam, Jodi and Keegan

The Treble | Winnipeg |

Isabelle Longnus | Vancouver

Bodies | Victoria BC | Local energetic band with a crazy crowd following. It was quiet and then Bodies showed up and it went wild

Spaceboots | Victoria BC | My best friend Josiah is in the band and I rushed at the end of my night at The Mint to catch their set. High energy, underwear, loud, and fun. These guys are wicked and I'm so glad I got to see them perform at the Surf Shop the Anian

Night two.

Phillip's Brewery

Evil Ebenezer | Vancouver BC | I love hip hop and I don't think you'd guess it looking at me. Phillip's was stellar. Evil started off the night and was one of my favs

Pigeon Hole | Victoria BC | These guys were unreal. I swear they levitated the entire time and I think the only other artist at Rifflandia that danced this much was Kiesza. These guys were wicked entertaining. Next year again, maybe?

The Underachievers | Brooklyn New York

Doomtree | Minneapolis Minnesota | So good. It wasn't just hip hop or anything else. They had a bit of everything and the rapping from Dessa was mesmerizing as they finished off night two

Rifflandia Day Three

Royal Athletic Park | Phillip's Brewery

Rifflandia gives free passes for kids 10 and under which is amazing so I brought my two kids, Joshua and Alison. This was their first festival or even live music experience and I'm so happy that I could bring them to such a rad event in Victoria. Thanks Riff!

Plants and Animals | Montreal Qc

The Zolas | Vancouver BC

Me and the kids enjoying front row. Thanks Will for grabbing my camera and getting a photo!

Big Data | Ok. So one of my favorite bands from the 4 day festival. I may have a crush on Lizy but that has nothing to do with how great this show was. Loved it and I loved the photos from it. She was quite possibly the easiest to photograph ever

Neon Indian | Denton Texas | I was pumped to see them since I have Polish Girl on the regular rotation. The played under the tent at Royal Athletic to a packed and dancing crowd

Tokyo Police Club | Newmarket Ont | No strangers to Victoria or the radio stations here, Tokyo Police Club is a staple and were excellent. I was already a fan but this was the first time getting to see them live.

Kiesza | Calgary Ab | Unreal. Amazing | Entrancing | She was absolutely phenomenal. She's uber talented, like crazy crazy talented and I heard a lot of people expressing how surprised and impressed with how great this show was. I do NOT know how this was under the tent and not on the main stage but I'm not going to complain since I was about 4 feet away. This was memorable

Modest Mouse | Issaquah Wa | The crowd was wild for MM.

Busty and the Bass | Montreal Qc | This was the biggest surprise of the entire festival for me. These guys from Montreal absolutely destroyed it at Phillip's. I had left The park early to make it down to Phillip's to see Kytami and B and the B had just started. I didn't shoot much because I had front row seats and was enjoying the saxophone blaring 5 feet in front of me and Alistair Blu rapping when not hammering the keyboard. The brass instruments, the singing, the rapping. Man, what a night. I felt like this was the show...

Kytami | Vancouver BC | I had been invited to see her perform by Deriek of Spaceboots and was so glad I did. Kytami is an unreal classically trained violinist who slays it while jumping and dancing. The energy was insane. Deriek rapped, Kytami worked the bow and this show was a huge highlight for many people I'm sure

Five Alarm Funk | Vancouver BC | A huge band full of grooves and getting the soaked crowd so engaged they didn't care. This show was wicked from the music to the singing and the costumes.

Rifflandia | Day Four

I'm not exhausted. At all.

The Walkervilles | Windsor Ont | I was stoked to hear that these guys were coming. I had heard their covers of "Love on Top" by Beyonce and "Valerie" by The Zutons made super popular by both Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse but I prefer The Walkervilles cover. I love this old school music. It's just happy music uncomplicated by a bunch of stuff and made full with vocals, one guitar, one bass and drums. It doesn't get much better for me, if at all. I want another show

Towers and Trees | Victoria BC | A group of tight friends who make some incredibly melodic indie music. I've seen these guys for a only a few songs and was ready to watch a full set. Such great music to chill to. I don't know all of the guys but Dave was killing it on the guitar, Jesse as always was a maniac on the drums and Adrian(whom I met while waiting for some delicious pizza) was leading it up front. Fun to watch and great to listen to

Jesse Roper | Metchosin BC | Whoa. I saw Jesse perform at Sunfest and have heard of him performing everywhere this summer. I don't mean figuratively but actually literally. He's a beast who is making a massive name for himself and the band The Roper Show. This was one of the most anticipated performances for me because I know how hard he gives it for every song and every show. Photographing him is...easy. He's everywhere, he animated and his guitar skills. Man. Unreal

Dylan Willows announcing Jesse...

Photographers up front. During a break in the rain we celebrated Matt's birthday with some cakein the pit. Happy Birthday Matt and here's to Keri, the most thoughtful organizer of a bunch of eclectic photographers

Joey Bada$$ | Brooklyn NY | The crowd went crazy for this guy. It's like the entire demographic of the crowd changed and I think that's what makes Rifflandia so special. There is a lot, for everyone

Julian Casablancas and the Voids

Mother Mother | Vancouver BC via Quadra Island | The headliner, period. I really don't know what to say. Wild, musical, LOUD, dramatic, engaging.

This show, as expected was absurd. Ryan is such a wicked character on stage and draws you in. The crowd was so raucous we (the photographers) were removed from the pit due to crowdsurfers being pulled over the fence. I've seen them live about 4 times and I enjoy it even more every time. Their show is so dynamic, their music so good, and lighting so colourful photographing it is nothing short of magic. Somehow one of my good friends Dean and I got to sit, cameras down on the ground, with stacked 6 foot subwoofers in front of us blasting ridiculous bass through our bodies as we watched the entire set. This is why I go to concerts. To get some photos then put my camera down and live the scene not through my phone or cameras but through my eyes and ears.

Mother Mother. Winner of Rifflandia 2015

I'd like to reserve these for next year please.

Dean Kalyan and I, loving life

I love music. I love Rifflandia. I want more.