Katrina and Josh - Royal Colwood Golf Course

This is day 2 of a double header weekend back in August/September. Day 1 was photographing my sister Bailey’s wedding and we had a short sleep before getting started with Katrina and Josh. Katrina is one of my wife’s longest known friends and Tracey was in the wedding party(The one with the AMAZING long hair which she has since donated to Locks for Love). For this double header weekend I was fortunate enough to have my friends and an amazing photographers Keith and Ali Lee fly out from St Louis to shoot with me. At both weddings I wanted to have some time to enjoy some moments so having these two was awesome for me. Keith and Ali —— Come back!

Katrina and Josh chose to have a first look at Langford Lake before we went to their ceremony at the Royal Colwood Golf Course. A gorgeous day filled with a lot of laughs and smiles and I think we captured that pretty well!

ps. The homemade hot sauce is fantastic and the homemade pies were soooooo good!

Here are our photos from Katrina and Josh’s wedding