Shane. Photographer.

     I'm a Father. I love a coarse Cowichan sweater and a solid winter beard. I'm a winter surfer, hockey player and enjoy a minty mojito. I love my kids and they are the reason for my photography.


Cowichan sweater + winter beard = a happy guy

     There is something about photography that brings feelings back in a way that nothing else does. The natural moments of a smile, a glance or a hug captured in a still photo has incredible power. It's the reason why I almost daily take a photo to catch the flashes of childhood that go so quickly with my children.

This is a little slideshow that I grabbed from the last year or so.

     My ambition is to be part of your day in such a way that I fit.

I want to be part of your day in a way that you are completely at ease with me, your family and friends pull me in and we get some real moments. It's simple.

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